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Ala Trusina

Ala Trusina
Position: Assistant Prof.
Phone: 0045 52701296

Life is a collection of processes on so many scales: miliseconds to centuries, nanome- ters to kilometers. And as our capacity for information processing is finite we naturally zoom in and out between these scales to build our mental model of the world: We pick up a few key elements and coarse-grain the details. In my research I am advocating a similar approach of a coarse-grained modeling to capture the key interactions at the core of a biological process.

The main focus of my research is on understanding the logic behind stress responses. What mechanisms did cells and organisms evolve to deal with the insults that perturb their normal function (stresses)? What are the differences and similarities between the stress responses? (Both at the level of regulatory network and the dynamics of its components). With this knowledge and with the help of mathematical modeling the hope is to outline the "core circuits" that govern a given process of interest.

Part of my current focus is on the stress response processes that are directly in- volved in diseases: Dynamics of NF-kB meditated inflammatory response in tissue (Inflammation); Unfolded protein response (Diabetes); DNA damage and response to genotoxic stresses, telomeres dynamics (Aging, Cancer). These are mainly theoretical projects in collaboration with experimentalists.

We have also started a number of experimental projects in single cell organisms: heat shock response in E.coli and H2O2 oxidative stress response in S. Pombi. With the help of fluorescent time-lapse microscopy we are investigating the dynamics of these responses and how they differ from cell-to-cell. Inspired by our study of inflammatory response in tissue, I am now expanding my activities more into the the area of cell-cell communication and how this process forms and orchestrating tissue responses.

You can learn more about our porjects here

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Ala Trusina
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