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Chengzhe Tian

Chengzhe Tian
Position: PhD Student

Chengzhe Tian, Szabolcs Semsey, Namiko Mitarai
Synchronized switching of multiple toxin–antitoxin modules by (p)ppGpp fluctuation
Nucleic Acids Res 0:gkx552 (2017)

Chengzhe Tian, Mohammad Roghanian, Mikkel Girke Jørgensen, Kim Sneppen, Michael Askvad Sørensen, Kenn Gerdes and Namiko Mitarai
Rapid Curtailing of the Stringent Response by Toxin-Antitoxin Encoded mRNases
Journal of Bacteriology 198:1918 (2016)

Chengzhe Tian and Namiko Mitarai
Bifurcation of transition paths induced by coupled bistable systems
The Journal of Chemical Physics 144:215102 (2016)

Ryan A Kellogg, Chengzhe Tian, Tomasz Lipniacki, Stephen R Quake, Savaş Tay
Digital signaling decouples activation probability and population heterogeneity
eLife 4: (2015)