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Genevieve Thon

Genevieve Thon
Position: Associate professor
Phone: +45 353-22108

Michaela J. Obersriebnig, Emil M. H. Pallesen, Kim Sneppen, Ala Trusina and Geneviève Thon
Nucleation and spreading of a heterochromatic domain in fission yeast
Nature Communications 7:11518 (2016)

akočiūnas T, Holm LR, Verhein-Hansen J, Trusina A, Thon G
Two portable recombination enhancers direct donor choice in fission yeast heterochromatin
PLoS Genetics 9:e1003762 (2013)

Subnuclear relocalization and silencing of a chromosomal region by an ectopic rDNA repeat
Jakočiūnas T, Jordö MD, Aït-Mebarek M, Bünner CM, Verhein-Hansen J, Oddershede L, Thon G
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 110:E4465–E447 (2013)

Ian B. Dodd, Mille A. Micheelsen, Kim Sneppen and Geneviève Thon
Theoretical Analysis of Epigenetic Cell Memory by Nucleosome Modification
Cell 129:813-822 (2007)