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Florian Uekermann

Florian Uekermann
Position: PhD student

Florian Uekermann, Joachim Mathiesen, Namiko Mitarai
Characterization of phase transitions in a model ecosystem of sessile species
Phys. Rev. E 95:032409 (2017)

Florian Uekermann and Kim Sneppen
A cross-immunization model for the extinction of old influenza strains
Scientific Reports 6:25907 (2016)

Kristian Moss Bendtsen, Florian Uekermann and Jan O. Haerter
Expert Game experiment predicts emergence of trust in professional communication networks
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113:12099 (2016)

Florian Uekermann and Kim Sneppen
Spreading of multiple epidemics with cross immunization
Phys. Rev. E 86:036108 (2012)