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Mogens Høgh Jensen

Mogens Høgh Jensen
Position: Professor
Phone: +45 353 25371

Orr Schlesinger, Yonatan Chemla, Mathias Heltberg, Eden Ozer, Ryan Marshall, Vincent Noireaux, Mogens H. Jensen, Lital Alfonta
Tuning of recombinant protein expression in Escherichia coli by manipulating transcription, translation initiation rates and incorporation of non-canonical amino acids
BioarXiv (preprint) 0: (2017)

Mathias L. Heltberg, Sandeep Krishna, Mogens H. Jensen
Time Correlations in Mode Hopping of Coupled Oscillators
Journal of Statistical Physics 0: (2017)

Silas Boye Nissen, Marta Perera, Javier Martin Gonzalez, Sophie M. Morgani, Mogens H. Jensen, Kim Sneppen, Joshua M. Brickman, Ala Trusina
Four simple rules that are sufficient to generate the mammalian blastocyst
Plos Biology 15:e2000737 (2017)

Thomas Holst-Hansen, Elena Abad, Aura Muntasell, Miguel Lopez-Botet, Mogens H. Jensen, Ala Trusina, Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo
Impact of Zygosity on Bimodal Phenotype Distributions
Biophysical Journal 113:148 (2017)

Yonatan Chemla, Mor Friedman, Mathias Heltberg, Anna Bakhrat, Elad Nagar, Rakefet Schwarz, Mogens Høgh Jensen, and Lital Alfonta
Expanding the Genetic Code of a Photoautotrophic Organism
Biochemistry 56:2161 (2017)

Rune Rasmussen , Mogens H. Jensen , Mathias L. Heltberg
Chaotic Dynamics Mediate Brain State Transitions, Driven by Changes in Extracellular Ion Concentrations
Cell Systems 0:In press (2017)

Pengfei Tian, Kresten Lindorff-Larsen, Wouter Boomsma , Mogens Høgh Jensen , Daniel Erik Otzen
A Monte Carlo Study of the Early Steps of Functional Amyloid Formation
Plos One 11:e0146096 (2016)

Mathias Heltberg, Ryan A. Kellogg, Sandeep Krishna, Savaş Tay, Mogens H. Jensen
Noise Induces Hopping between NF-κB Entrainment Modes
Cell Systems 3: p532–539. (2016)

Namiko Mitarai, Mogens Høgh Jensen, Szabolcs Semsey
Coupled Positive and Negative Feedbacks Produce Diverse Gene Expression Patterns in Colonies
mBio 6:e00059-15 (2015)

Andrej Košmrlj, Pia Cordsen, Anders Kyrsting, Daniel E. Otzen, Lene B. Oddershede, Mogens H. Jensen
A monomer-trimer model supports intermittent glucagon fibril growth
Scientific Reports 5:9005 (2015)

Kristian Moss Bendtsen, Mogens H. Jensen, Sandeep Krishna, Szabolcs Semsey
The role of mRNA and protein stability in the function of coupled positive and negative feedback systems in eukaryotic cells
Scientific Reports 5:13910 (2015)

Pengfei Tian , Wouter Boomsma , Yong Wang , Daniel Erik Otzen , Mogens Høgh Jensen , Kresten Lindorff-Larsen
What does Evolution Tell us about the Structure of a Functional Amyloid Protein?
Biophysical Journal 108:p227a (2015)

Thomas C. T. Michaels, Pernille Yde, Julian C. W. Willis, Mogens H. Jensen, Daniel Otzen, Christopher M. Dobson, Alexander K. Buell and Tuomas P. J. Knowles
The length distribution of frangible biofilaments
J. Chem. Phys. 143:164901 (2015)

Pengfei Tian , Wouter Boomsma , Yong Wang , Daniel E. Otzen , Mogens H Jensen , and Kresten Lindorff-Larsen
Structure of a Functional Amyloid Protein Subunit Computed Using Sequence Variation
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 0: (2014)

Simone Pigolotti, Roberto Benzi, Mogens H. Jensen, Prasad Perlekar, Federico Toschi
Stochastic competition between two populations in space
Collective Dynamics from Bacteria to Crowds, CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences 553:105-117 (2014)

Kristian Moss Bendtsen, Martin Borch Jensen, Alfred May, Lene Juel Rasmussen, Ala Trusina, Vilhelm A. Bohr, Mogens H. Jensen
Dynamics of the DNA repair proteins WRN and BLM in the nucleoplasm and nucleoli
European Biophysics Journal 0: (2014)

J. Mathiesen, L. Angheluta, M. H. Jensen
Statistics of co-occurring keywords in confined text messages on Twitter
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 223:1849 (2014)

Ninna S. Rossen , Jens M. Tarp , Joachim Mathiesen , Mogens H. Jensen , Lene Oddershede
Cell Divisions Cause Long-Range Well-Ordered Vorticity Patterns in Endothelial Tissue
Biophysics Journal 106:p425a (2014)

Ninna S. Rossen , Jens M. Tarp , Joachim Mathiesen , Mogens H. Jensen , Lene Oddershede
Long-range ordered vorticity patterns in living tissue induced by cell division
Nature Communications 5:5720 (2014)

Namiko Mitarai, Uri Alon, Mogens H. Jensen
Entrainment of noise-induced and limit cycle oscillators under weak noise
Chaos 23:023125 (2013)

Lilla Sipos, Benedicte Mengel Pers, Magda Kalmár, Ildikó Tóth, Sandeep Krishna, Mogens H. Jensen, Szabolcs Semsey
Comparative Network Analysis of Preterm vs. Full-Term Infant-Mother Interactions
PLoS One 8:e67183 (2013)

S. Pigolotti, R. Benzi, P. Perlekar, M.H. Jensen, F. Toschi, D. R. Nelson
Growth, competition and cooperation in spatial population genetics
Theoretical Population Biology 84:72 (2013)

G. Tiana and M. H. Jensen
The dynamics of genetic control in the cell: the good and bad of being late
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 371:20120469 (2013)

Joachim Mathiesen, Luiza Angheluta, Peter T. H. Ahlgren, and Mogens H. Jensen
Excitable human dynamics driven by extrinsic events in massive communities
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sct. USA 110:17259-1726 (2013)

Benedicte Mengel, Sandeep Krishna, Mogens H. Jensen, Ala Trusina
Nested feedback loops in gene regulation
Physica A 391:100 (2012)

Weihan Li, Sandeep Krishna, Simone Pigolotti, Namiko Mitarai, and Mogens H. Jensen.
Switching between oscillations and homeostasis in competing negative and positive feedback motifs
J. Theor. Biol. 307:205 (2012)

Søren Bang Nielsen, Pernille Yde, Lise Giehm, Sabrina Sundbye, Gunna Christiansen, Joachim Mathiesen, Mogens Høgh Jensen, Poul Henning Jensen, Daniel E. Otzen
Multiple Roles of Heparin in the Aggregation of p25α
Journal of Molecular Biology 421:601 (2012)

Mogens H. Jensen and Sandeep Krishna
Inducing phase-locking and chaos in cellular oscillators by modulating the driving stimuli
Febs Letters 586:1664 (2012)

R. Benzi, M.H. Jensen, D.R. Nelson, P. Perlekar, S. Pigolotti and F. Toschi
Population dynamics in compressible flows
Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 204:57 (2012)

S. Chakraborty, M.H. Jensen, S. Krishna, B. Mengel, S. Pigolotti, V. Sekara and S. Semsey,
Limit-cycle oscillations and stable patterns in repressor lattices
Phys.Rev.E 86:031905 (2012)

S. Pigolotti, R. Benzi, M.H. Jensen and D. Nelson
Population Genetics in Compressible Flows
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108:128102 (2012)

Pernille Yde, Mogens Hogh Jensen, and Ala Trusina
Analyzing inflammatory response as excitable media
Phys. Rev. E 84:051913 (2011)

S. Bornholdt, M. H. Jensen and K. Sneppen
Emergence and Decline of Scientific Paradigms

Pernille Yde, Benedicte Mengel, Mogens H Jensen, Sandeep Krishna and Ala Trusina
Modeling the NF-κB mediated inflammatory response predicts cytokine waves in tissue
BMC Systems Biology 5:115 (2011)

Lykke Pedersen, Mogens Høgh Jensen, Sandeep Krishna
Dickkopf1 - A New Player in Modelling the Wnt Pathway
Plos One 6:e25550 (2011)

Pia Cordsen, Simone Pigolotti, and Mogens H. Jensen
Ecological oscillations induced by a shared predator and the “Winner peaks first” rule
Phys. Rev. E 84:031915 (2011)

Mogens H. Jensen, Simone Pigolotti and Sandeep Krishna
Genetic oscillation patterns
Eur. Phys. Jour. ST 178:45 (2011)

Simone Pigolotti, Sandeep Krishna and Mogens H. Jensen
Symbolic Dynamics in Genetic Oscillation Patterns
"The Complexity of Dynamical Systems: a multidisciplinary perspective" eds. J. Dubbeldam, D. Lenstra, and K. Green, Wiley Publishing 0:99 (2011)

M.F. Gruber, C.J. Johnson, C.Y. Tang, Mogens H. Jensen, L. Yde and C. Helix-Nielsen
Computational fluid dynamics simulations of flow and concentration polarization in forward osmosis membrane systems
Journal of Membrane Science 379:488 (2011)

Peter B. Jensen, Lykke Pedersen, Sandeep Krishna and Mogens H. Jensen
A Wnt Oscillator Model for Somitogenesis
Biophysical Journal 98: (2010)

Sagar Chakraborty, Mogens H. Jensen, and A. Sarkar
On two-dimensionalization of three-dimensional turbulence in shell models
Eur. Phys. Journ. B 73:447 (2010)

Sagar Chakraborty, Mogens H. Jensen, and Bo S. Madsen
Three-dimensional turbulent relative dispersion by Gledzer-Ohkitani-Yamada shell model
Physical Review E 81:017301 (2010)

Alexander Hunziker, Mogens H Jensen, Sandeep Krishna
Stress-specific response of the p53-Mdm2 feedback loop
BMC Systems Biology 4:94 (2010)

Benedicte Mengel, Alexander Hunziker, Lykke Pedersen, Ala Trusina, Mogens H Jensen and Sandeep Krishna
Modeling oscillatory control in NF-κB, p53 and Wnt signaling
Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 20:571 (2010)

Sneppen K, Trusina A, Jensen MH, and Bornholdt S
A minimal model for multiple epidemics and immunity spreading.
Plos One 5:e13326 (2010)

Simone Pigolotti, Sandeep Krishna, Mogens H. Jensen
Symbolic dynamics of biological feedback networks
Phys. Rev. Lett. 102:088701 (2009)

K. Sneppen, L. Lizana, M. H. Jensen , S. Pigolotti and D. Otzen
Modeling proteasome dynamics in Parkinsons disease
Phys. Biol. 6:036005 (2009)

Sandeep Krishna, Szabolcs Semsey and Mogens H. Jensen
Frustrated bistability as a means to engineer oscillations in biological systems
Physical Biology 6:3 (2009)

Mogens H.Jensen, Kim Sneppen and Luiza Angelutha
Kolmogorov Scaling from Random Force Fields
Europhysics Letters 84:10011 (2008)

G Tiana, S Krishna, S Pigolotti, M H Jensen and K Sneppen
Oscillations and temporal signalling in cells
Phys. Biol. 4:R1 (2007)

Jesper Fonslet, Kristian Rud-Petersen, Sandeep Krishna, Mogens H. Jensen
Pulses and chaos: dynamical response in a simple genetic oscillator
Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 21:4083 (2007)

Sandeep Krishna, Mogens H. Jensen, Kim Sneppen
Minimal model of spiky oscillations in NF-kB signaling
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 103:10840 (2006)

Szabolcs Semsey, Anna M. C. Andersson, Sandeep Krishna, Mogens Høgh Jensen, Eric Massé, and Kim Sneppen
Genetic regulation of fluxes: Iron homeostasis of Escherichia coli
Nucleic Acids Research 34:4960 (2006)

M.H. Jensen, G. Tiana and K. Sneppen
Sustained oscillations and time delays in gene expression of protein Hes1
Febs letters 541:176 (2003)

G. Tiana, M.H. Jensen and K. Sneppen
Time delay as a key to apoptosis induction in the p53 network
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Morphological instability in a growing yeast colony
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K. Sneppen, J. Krug, M. H. Jensen, C. Jayaprakash, and T. Bohr.
Dynamic scaling and crossover analysis for the Kuramoto - Sivashinsky equation
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