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Kim Sneppen

Kim Sneppen
Position: Head of Center/ Professor
Phone: +45 353 25352

Rasmus Skytte Eriksen, Sine Lo Svenningsen, Kim Sneppen, Namiko Mitarai
A Growing Microcolony can Survive and Support Persistent Propagation of Virulent Phages
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 115:337 (2018)

Jan O. Haerter, Namiko Mitarai, and Kim Sneppen
Theory of invasion extinction dynamics in minimal food webs
Phys. Rev. E 97:022404 (2018)

Silas Boye, Steven Ronhild, Ala Trusina, Kim Sneppen
Theory bridging cell polarities with development of robust complex morphologies
BioRxiv 0: (2018)

Derek Ping, Tong Wang, David T. Fraebel, Sergei Maslov, Kim Sneppen, Seppe Kuehn
Hitchhiking, collapse and contingency in phage infections of migrating bacterial populations
BioRxiv 0: (2018)

Svend Bertel Dahl-Jensen, Siham Yennek, Lydie Flasse, Hjalte List Larsen, Dror Sever, Gopal Karremore, Ivana Novak, Kim Sneppen , Anne Grapin-Botton
Deconstructing the principles of ductal network formation in the pancreas
Plos Biology 16:e2002842 (2018)

Cecilia Lövkvist, Kim Sneppen and Jan O. Haerter
Exploring the Link between Nucleosome Occupancy and DNA Methylation
Frontiers in Genetics 8:232 (2018)

Sergei Maslov and Kim Sneppen
Population cycles and species diversity in dynamic Kill-the-Winner model of microbial ecosystems
Scientific Reports 7:39642 (2017)

Jan O Haerter, Namiko Mitarai, Kim Sneppen
Existence and construction of large stable food webs
BioarXiv (preprint) 0: (2017)

Kim Sneppen
Models of Life: : Epigenetics, Diversity & Cycles
Reports on Progress in Physics 0: (2017)

Mette Eriksen, Kim Sneppen, Steen Pedersen, and Namiko Mitarai
Occlusion of the Ribosome Binding Site Connects the Translational Initiation Frequency, mRNA Stability and Premature Transcription Termination
Front. Microbiol. 8:362 (2017)

Nan Hao, Kim Sneppen, Keith E. Shearwin, and Ian B. Dodd
Efficient chromosomal-scale DNA looping in Escherichia coli using multiple DNA-looping elements
Nucleic Acids Res 1:gkx069 (2017)

Sergei Maslov, Kim Sneppen
Severe population collapses and species extinctions in multi-host epidemic dynamics
0: (2017)

Silas Boye Nissen, Marta Perera, Javier Martin Gonzalez, Sophie M. Morgani, Mogens H. Jensen, Kim Sneppen, Joshua M. Brickman, Ala Trusina
Four simple rules that are sufficient to generate the mammalian blastocyst
Plos Biology 15:e2000737 (2017)

Jan O. Haerter, Namiko Mitarai, and Kim Sneppen
Food Web Assembly Rules for Generalized Lotka-Volterra Equations
Plos Computational Biology 12: e1004727 (2016)

Svend Bertel Dahl-Jensen, Manuel Figueiredo-Larsen, Anne Grapin-Botton and Kim Sneppen
Short-range growth inhibitory signals from the epithelium can drive non-stereotypic branching in the pancreas
Physical Biology 13:016007 (2016)

Giulia Sormani, Jan O. Haerter, Cecilia Lövkvist and Kim Sneppen
Stabilization of epigenetic states of CpG islands by local cooperation
Molecular BioSystems 12:2142 (2016)

Cecilia Lövkvist, Ian B. Dodd, Kim Sneppen, and Jan O. Haerter
DNA methylation in human epigenomes depends on local topology of CpG sites
Nucl. Acids Res. 44:5123 (2016)

Namiko Mitarai, Ivar Gunnarson, Buster Niels Pedersen, Christian Anker Rosiek, and Kim Sneppen
Three is much more than two in coarsening dynamics of cyclic competitions
Phys. Rev. E 93:042408 (2016)

Namiko Mitarai, Stanley Brown and Kim Sneppen
Population dynamics of phage and bacteria in spatially structured habitats using Phage λ and Escherichia coli
Journal of Bacteriology 198:1783 (2016)

Chengzhe Tian, Mohammad Roghanian, Mikkel Girke Jørgensen, Kim Sneppen, Michael Askvad Sørensen, Kenn Gerdes and Namiko Mitarai
Rapid Curtailing of the Stringent Response by Toxin-Antitoxin Encoded mRNases
Journal of Bacteriology 198:1918 (2016)

Victor Olariu, Cecilia Lövkvist and Kim Sneppen
Nanog, Oct4 and Tet1 interplay in establishing pluripotency
Scientific Reports 6:25438 (2016)

Florian Uekermann and Kim Sneppen
A cross-immunization model for the extinction of old influenza strains
Scientific Reports 6:25907 (2016)

Michaela J. Obersriebnig, Emil M. H. Pallesen, Kim Sneppen, Ala Trusina and Geneviève Thon
Nucleation and spreading of a heterochromatic domain in fission yeast
Nature Communications 7:11518 (2016)

Kim Sneppen and Ian B. Dodd
Nucleosome dynamics and maintenance of epigenetic states of CpG islands
Physical Review E 93:062417 (2016)

Sergei Maslov, Kim Sneppen
Well-temperate phage: optimal bet-hedging against local environmental collapses
Scientific Reports 5:10523 (2015)

Kim Sneppen and Ian B. Dodd
Cooperative stabilization of the SIR complex provides robust epigenetic memory in a model of SIR silencing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Epigenetics 10:293 (2015)

Namiko Mitarai, Szabolcs Semsey, Kim Sneppen
Dynamic competition between transcription initiation and repression: Role of non-equilibrium steps in cell-to-cell heterogeneity
Phys. Rev. E 92:022710 (2015)

Kim Sneppen, Szabolcs Semsey, Aswin S. Seshasayee, and Sandeep Krishna
Restriction Modification Systems as Engines of Diversity
Frontiers in Microbiology 6:528 (2015)

Sergei Maslov, Kim Sneppen
Diversity waves in collapse-driven population dynamics
Plos Computational Biology 11:e1004440 (2015)

Bartłomiej Dybiec, Namiko Mitarai, and Kim Sneppen
Modeling rises and falls in money addicted social hierarchies
Physica Scripta 89:085002 (2014)

Kim Sneppen and Szabolcs Semsey
Mismatch repair at stop codons is directed independent of GATC methylation on the Escherichia coli chromosome
Scientific Reports 4:7346 (2014)

Kamilla Norregaard, Magnus Andersson, Kim Sneppen, Peter Eigil Nielsen, Stanley Brown, Lene B Oddershede
Effect of supercoiling on the lambda switch
Bacteriophage 4: (2014)

Namiko Mitarai, Els Heinsalu, Kim Sneppen
Speciation, Diversification, and Coexistence of Sessile Species That Compete for Space
Plos One 9:e96665 (2014)

Jan O Haerter, Namiko Mitarai, and Kim Sneppen
Phage and bacteria support mutual diversity in a narrowing staircase of coexistence
The ISME Journal 8:2317 (2014)

Kim Sneppen
Models of Life: Dynamics and Regulation in Biological Systems
Cambridge University Press 0: (2014)

Malte Lehmann, Kim Sneppen
Genetic Regulatory Networks that count to 3
Journal of Theoretical Biology 329:15 (2013)

Anne Katrine Alsing and Kim Sneppen
Differentiation of developing olfactory neurons analysed in terms of coupled epigenetic landscapes
Nucl. Acids Res. 41:4755 (2013)

Jeppe Juul, Kim Sneppen, and Joachim Mathiesen
Labyrinthine clustering in a spatial rock-paper-scissors ecosystem
Phys. Rev. E 87:042702 (2013)

Simone Pigolotti, Ludvig Lizana, Daniel Otzen, Kim Sneppen
Quality control system response to stochastic growth of amyloid fibrils
FEBS letters 587:1405 (2013)

Ilaria Cataudella, Kim Sneppen, Kenn Gerdes, Namiko Mitarai
Conditional Cooperativity of Toxin - Antitoxin Regulation Can Mediate Bistability between Growth and Dormancy
PLoS Comput Biol 9:e1003174 (2013)

Kamilla Norregaard, Magnus Andersson, Kim Sneppen, Peter Eigil Nielsen, Stanley Brown, and Lene B. Oddershede
DNA supercoiling enhances cooperativity and efficiency of an epigenetic switch
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sct. USA 110:17386–1739 (2013)

Haerter, Jan O., Cecilia Lövkvist, Ian B. Dodd, and Kim Sneppen
Collaboration between CpG sites is needed for stable somatic inheritance of DNA methylation states
Nucleic Acids Research 27: (2013)

Sebastian Bernhardsson, Namiko Mitarai, Kim Sneppen
Protein Localization with Flexible DNA or RNA
Plos One 7:e29218 (2012)

Ilaria Cataudella, Ala Trusina, Kim Sneppen, Kenn Gerdes, and Namiko Mitarai
Conditional cooperativity in toxin–antitoxin regulation prevents random toxin activation and promotes fast translational recovery
Nuc. Acids Res. 40:6424 (2012)

Bartlomiej Dybiec, Namiko Mitarai, Kim Sneppen
Information spreading and development of cultural centers
Phys. Rev. E 85:056116 (2012)

Namiko Mitarai, Joachim Mathiesen, Kim Sneppen
Emergence of diversity in a model ecosystem
Phys. Rev. E 86:011929 (2012)

Silja Heilmanna, Kim Sneppena, Sandeep Krishna
Coexistence of phage and bacteria on the boundary of self-organized refuges
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109:12828 (2012)

Jan O. Haerter and Kim Sneppen
Spatial Structure and Lamarckian Adaptation Explain Extreme Genetic Diversity at CRISPR Locus
mBio 3:e00126-12 (2012)

Jeppe Juul, Kim Sneppen, and Joachim Mathiesen
Clonal selection prevents tragedy of the commons when neighbors compete in a rock-paper-scissors game
Phys. Rev. E 85:061924 (2012)

Kim Sneppen and Namiko Mitarai
Multistability with a Metastable Mixed State
Phys. Rev. Lett. 109:100602 (2012)

Florian Uekermann and Kim Sneppen
Spreading of multiple epidemics with cross immunization
Phys. Rev. E 86:036108 (2012)

Kim Sneppen and Ian B. Dodd
A Simple Histone Code Opens Many Paths to Epigenetics
PLoS Comput Biol 8:e1002643 (2012)

Zsolt Csiszovszki, Dale E. A. Lewis, Phuoc Le, Kim Sneppen and Szabolcs Semsey
Specific contacts of the −35 region of the galP1 promoter by RNA polymerase inhibit GalR-mediated DNA looping repression
Nucl. Acids Res 40:10064 (2012)

S. Bornholdt, M. H. Jensen and K. Sneppen
Emergence and Decline of Scientific Paradigms

Margit Pedersen, Søren Nissen, Namiko Mitarai, Sine Lo Svenningsen, Kim Sneppen, and Steen Pedersen
The Functional Half-Life of an mRNA Depends on the Ribosome Spacing in an Early Coding Region
J. Mol. Biol. 407:35 (2011)

L. Lizana, N. Mitarai, H. Nakanishi, and K. Sneppen
Modeling the spatial dynamics of culture spreading in the presence of cultural strongholds
Phys. Rev. E 83:066116 (2011)

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Direct and indirect effects in the regulation of overlapping promoters.
Nucleic Acids Res. 39:6879 (2011)

J.O. Haerter, A. Trusina, K. Sneppen
Bacterial CRISPR defense system buffers phage diversity
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Ecosystems with mutually exclusive interactions self-organize to a state of high diversity
Phys. Rev. Lett. 107 107:188101 (2011)

Jeppe Juul and Kim Sneppen
Locally self-organized quasicritical percolation in a multiple-disease model
Phys. Rev. E 84:036119 (2011)

Ian B. Dodd and Kim Sneppen
Barriers and Silencers: A Theoretical Toolkit for Control and Containment of Nucleosome-Based Epigenetic States
Journal of Molecular Biology 0: (2011)

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Key Players in the Genetic Switch of Bacteriophage TP901-1
Biophysical Journal 100:313 (2011)

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Time walkers and spatial dynamics of ageing information
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Sustainability of Virulence in a Phage-Bacterial Ecosystem
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Simplified Models of Biological Networks
Annual Review of Biophysics 39:43 (2010)

Christian Garde, Thomas Bjarnsholt, Michael Givskov, Tim Holm Jakobsen, Morten Hentzer, Anetta Claussen, Kim Sneppen, Jesper Ferkinghoff-Borg and Thomas Sams
Quorum Sensing Regulation in Aeromonas hydrophila
J. Mol. Biol. 396:849–857 (2010)

Sneppen K, Pedersen S, Krishna S, Dodd I, Semsey S.
Economy of operon formation: cotranscription minimizes shortfall in protein complexes.
MBio 1: e00177 (2010)

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Organizational structure and communication networks in a university environment
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A minimal model for multiple epidemics and immunity spreading.
Plos One 5:e13326 (2010)

Mikkel Avlund, Sandeep Krishna, Szabolcs Semsey, Ian B. Dodd, Kim Sneppen
Minimal Gene Regulatory Circuits for a Lysis-Lysogeny Choice in the Presence of Noise
PLoS ONE 5:e15037 (2010)

Maria Werner, Szabolcs Semsey, Kim Sneppen, Sandeep Krishna
Dynamics of Uptake and Metabolism of Small Molecules in Cellular Response Systems
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Stefan Bornholdt, Kim Sneppen, and Hildegard Westphal
Longevity of orders is related to the longevity of their constituent genera rather than genus richness
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Modeling proteasome dynamics in Parkinsons disease
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Toolbox model of evolution of prokaryotic metabolic networks and their regulation
PNAS 106:9743 (2009)

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Pathway identification by network pruning in the metabolic network of Escherichia coli
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Cell Cycle 8:2863 (2009)

Hiizu Nakanishi, Margit Pedersen, Anne K. Alsing and Kim Sneppen
Modeling of the Genetic Switch of Bacteriophage TP901-1: A Heteromer of CI and MOR Ensures Robust Bistability
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Why Do Phage Play Dice
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Minimal gene regulatory circuits that can count like bacteriophage lambda
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Cost and Capacity of Signaling in the Escherichia coli Protein Reaction Network
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Modeling the Two-Hybrid Detector: Experimental Bias on Protein Interaction Networks
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Physics in molecular biology, Course Book for master/Phd course in Biological Physics, 300 pages
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